Time To Contemplate

by montejosmemorials on February 5, 2013

A week has passed since we have been home and I guess you could sort of say the dust is settling. When we were in Guatemala, we were so busy that I hardly had a minute to think and the day after we arrived home, we took off running to orthodontist appointments, etc. We are finally having time to contemplate our trip and the things we saw God do around us, in us and through us. It’s really been overwhelming to me.

It’s 6am and we are waiting for the shuttle to pick us up to go to the airport.

It’s hard to know where to begin since there are so many aspects to share about. Should I begin from the aspect that my husband had not been home in over 11 years, or the aspect that God had put a vision in our hearts years ago that He has slowly, but surely been preparing us to walk in, or the overabundant provision God made to allow us to do many of the things we felt He was leading us to do? Or how God divinely appointed people and situations each day that we needed or that needed us.

This was the view our first morning. The mountains are hidden behind the fence, but it was beautiful.

I guess I’ll just start and see where it takes us today. I’ll try to do a quick overview and in days to come, I will try to expound on the things that need more space.

Eleven years ago when we were in Guatemala, the majority of Marinely’s family was not saved. This time, the majority was. It was such a blessing to go to church with all of them, instead of leaving them all home as we went to church. I can’t explain how it felt to stand back and see them all at the altar, kneeling, laying, crying, praying. God has moved in his family in such a powerful way.

Marinely and his dad our first Sunday there


When we went, we thought we would be going to help the church with one thing, but we ended up helping with something else. They are diligently working to raise money to meet the needs, so they have accomplished a lot. They have a store beside the church and they cook food every Sunday after church to sell. God is definitely blessing their efforts, because they are moving along with their progress. We were able to order 100 chairs for their building and pay for them with some of the money we raised. We were trying to keep our trip a surprise to most of Marinely’s family, so we had to be careful about asking for too many details ahead of time so we didn’t give away our intentions to them. They knew anyway. Wonder who gave away the secret?

100 New Chairs

There were so many things God had placed in our hearts that we wanted to do, but we knew we wouldn’t have the funds to do them on our own. Just paying for the trip for our family alone took most of our savings, but God was faithful to provide for all of the things He had shown us. We did a fundraiser at our church and raised some money, but we knew we were going to need more if we were going to do the things we had been thinking about. Well, God knew too! He provided over and beyond what we had been thinking.

Library at Fundacion Salvacion ( the orphanage we visited ) We were able to buy the Spanish and English Christian biographies with some of the money donated for our trip.

He multiplied and provided in ways that only He could. He set up divine appointments, like car repairs, to show us that He could and would provide any way He chose to, but not necessarily how we thought He would. He placed people in our path that trusted what God had placed in our hearts and used them to provide for the things he wanted us to do there. He showed us how He really does take care of the things He wants us to do.

44 Pizzas that were delivered on motorcycles for the kids and staff at the orphanage

He stretched our faith and then strengthened it!

These were all the people we had to say goodbye to as we were leaving Marinely’s village. Some of them came with us too, so we had to say goodbye later again. 🙁


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