A Springboard to Gratitude Day 6

by montejosmemorials on June 30, 2014

It seems to me that eventually science confirms what God’s word shows us to be true. We know that the Bible emphasizes how important gratitude is, but research has also been done and science confirms it as well.

R.A. Emmons of The University of California and M.E. McCullough of The University of Miami have been researching gratitude.

One of the things they discovered was that people who kept a gratitude journal, excercised on a more regular basis, had fewer reported symptoms of illness and generally felt better about their lives as a whole.  As the experiment continued, they found these same people keeping the gratitude journals were more likely to have made progress toward important personal goals compared to those who weren’t keeping a gratitude list. So gratitude contributed to overall health and helped people reach important goals. It’s incredible how God made us to receive benefits when we give thanks!

The study also revealed that the participants who were keeping track of the things they had to be thankful for were more likely to have helped someone and had greater amounts of energy, better sleep, and a greater sense of connectedness to others than the ones who weren’t keeping a gratitude list or journal.

I think I better get back to consistent journaling!

I am so thankful today as I think back over the events of our weekend that God always encourages us and speaks to us right where we are. Our Pastor‘s message was encouraging us to praise and it would break through the struggles! I am also extremely grateful for men of God called to preach His word that don’t back down. We are delighted to have several of those in our life!

Please make sure to participate in this challenge. You can do that on our Facebook page or comment below. You never know what can change by using gratitude as a springboard in your life. Also get your name on our list for your free newsletter, so you don’t miss any updates. Let’s encourage each other and ourselves with the things we are grateful for and be propelled forward into the things God has for us and a lifestyle of thankfulness.

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