Overwhelming Grace

by montejosmemorials on March 9, 2015

Overwhelming Grace

The second week of March, I always seem to breathe a sigh of relief and then look back and contemplate how incredibly God’s grace works in our lives.

February 24 was my Dad’s birthday. March 2 was the birthday of our seventh child. He went to be with the Lord on February 22nd after a very difficult 10 day hospital stay and we buried him on my dad’s birthday. These anniversaries clumped together make this a challenging time of the year.

As I was reading about grace, someone described it as God’s "enoughness," that He is enough for us no matter what we face or go through. Another described it as God’s kindness that we don’t deserve. It was also defined as divine assistance and a temporary exemption or reprieve.

It shouldn’t surprise me, but every year as I look back over these few weeks of our life, I am overwhelmed by God’s grace and how it means all of these things to us and more.

The truth is, walking through this whole process has been messy at times,  but isn’t that just part of the journey? Dealing with grief and loss, trying to figure out how it is affecting each personality, and how to help each one and myself walk through it, glorifying God in the process, has been a challenge, but… God’s grace, covers it all. I have watched Him this year, meet needs of some of our children that I knew only He could. It’s so incredible to see how he works.

Matt Redman has a song called Your Grace Finds Me. It’s so true!

Many people say that time takes away the pain. I haven’t found that to be true, but it does change the pain. For us it has become less raw and overwhelming. Instead of something that totally overwhelms us, we face it and intentionally do things to work through it. It still catches us offguard at times, but I am learning to embrace that part of the healing process instead of ignoring it. We are learning that we can choose to let God work through these situations to strengthen us for Him.

 I am not really a cemetery person, because I realize that our loved ones aren’t there, but we usually visit where my dad was buried and Daniel’s grave around their birthdays. We write messages on balloons and send them up in the sky. We started this tradition at Daniel’s funeral service and have continued it every year. So, here’s a glimpse into our celebration this year. The celebration of life here with us and eternal life where they are home with the Lord.

We are of good courage, I say, and prefer rather to be absent from the body and to be at home with the Lord. 2 Cor. 5:8


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