Strength Comes From Moving

by montejosmemorials on May 11, 2015

Strength Comes From Moving

We all know that when our muscles are sore and we don’t move them, it usually makes them worse instead of better. I think it’s the same way when we sit on things in our lives that have caused us hurts or pain. When we don’t allow ourselves to walk through the events of life, even if we know it will be painful, we become worse instead of better. When we make a decision to let God’s grace move us forward, we become better equipped to handle those struggles and even use them to glorify God. This is what he really wants us to do.

I have a few friends who were especially brave this year as they walked through the first Mother’s Day after having a loss. My encouragement to you is every new year that comes, you will feel stronger. It doesn’t go away, but God brings new strength and new celebrations through trusting him, as you keep moving.

One of our children went on to heaven 5 years ago. You can read more about his story. From the time he left us, I determined that I would be brave as we walked through everyday life, so that others may be helped by our process. Are there times I want to put it away and pretend it didn’t happen? Yes! Are there times it still hurts so bad, I feel like I can’t breathe? Yes! But, in all of that, God is still bigger, and still has the best plan! Not only do I have to trust this for myself, but I have to teach my children, to trust this as well. How they respond, greatly depends on how I respond. When I can’t do well for myself, trying to do well for them usually motivates me.

There are times when feelings come from out of nowhere and overtake me. Those usually seem to be the times I wish they didn’t. Many times my spirit has sensed the time frame of things even before I look at the calendar. Last week, I was extra sensitive and emotional. Talking with one of our sons, I explained that sometimes feelings just overwhelm us, but we have to determine to not let them with God’s help. Tucking it away and not thinking about it, does not help us heal.

So what do I do? I spend more time in praise and worship, in the word, I try to make sure my schedule is not overwhelmed, eat well, use essential oils aggressively, and work really hard not to withdraw from life. You probably won’t notice these things about me from the outside and that’s why I feel like God pushed me to write about this. I want to encourage you. It’s not as easy as it looks form the outside, but it’s not impossible either. You have to build your arsenal of tools to help you, which may be different than mine, when you know it’s an especially tough time.

It is easy to look at pictures of others or the lives of others from the outside and make assumptions. We can figure they have it all together, or things don’t affect them the same way they do us, and it just isn’t true. Thinking this way can make us feel guilty, insecure, or just plain hard on ourselves. I am here to tell you, "Don’t." We are all on a different place in our journey and every step forward makes us stronger and braver. Be kind to yourself where you are, but keep moving!

We also can be guilty of looking at others who are having a hard time and not even realize what they are going through. They may be having a really hard time and we don’t realize they have experienced a loss they are working through or we put a time limit on their grief. Sometimes when we take the time to be sensitive to others, we help them work through things, without even realizing it. We help them to keep moving too!


A Summary of the Above Collage

Our church did a really fun thing to honor the mom’s. They had a "Fashion Show" with the kids as models. As they introduced each families children and gave them a rose for their mom, then the kids circled around to deliver the rose. The top right photo was when our guys were "modeling." The bottom left photo, our oldest son was whispering to me that the rose was from Daniel too. It blesses me when one of our kids mentions him, because their easiest way to handle grief is to avoid it, even though I am so open about it. When they open up and talk about him, I know God is still working! And, of course, the bottom right is Daniel.

Thanks to Glenn Owens Photography for always catching those memories when we don’t realize it.


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