Overcomers by the Grace of God

by montejosmemorials on June 25, 2015

Overcomers by the Grace of God

by Joyce Montejo

Our church has a migrant camp ministry that we participate in. This ministry is really close to our hearts, because my husband and I actually met through a ministry like this 16 years ago. Wed. night is our ministry night and I wanted to share something that I can’t stop thinking on.

If you’ve never been to a migrant camp, let me describe it for you. Some of them now are really nice compared to 16 years ago, but many times, it still feels as if you are entering another country. Many have port-a-john’s for their bathroom and sleep many to a room. The nice ones are more like a campground, which is fun for some of us for a week or two, but long term, we’d probably get tired of living that way.

I love the women and the kids! It’s so hard not to just squeeze them with love! I think how brave they have to be to live the lifestyle they do, but it’s normal for them, so they don’t even think of it. The lady with the 2 week old baby, the man butchering the chicken for "caldo" (soup), and the guys drinking on the other side of the building. For many these living conditions are better than they have at home.They work really hard, and send almost everything back to their country for their families. I know my words are not doing this justice, but if you’ve ever been to another country, you can probably imagine how this scene may look.

My thoughts have not been able to leave the table of guys drinking. Especially one young guy, who has penetrated my heart and really made me think about some things. As we shared Jesus with him and asked him if he’d like to accept Jesus, his response surprised and saddened me. He said, "It’s too hard to follow him, because I am young. Too many temptations come my way and I can’t follow Jesus." Many accept Jesus and most will at least let you pray with them, but this young guy wouldn’t even let us pray. He said, "Maybe another day." As we talked more, he had lost his mom and many other things had occurred in his life, which had caused him to lose hope. He’d been in church, because he knew the word, but it wasn’t in his heart.

It made me sad and at the same time thankful as I thought about, "What does it really take to by faith, make the decision to accept and TRUST Jesus with your life?" We have had hard things, but it has caused us to cling harder to God and not run away, as many have. I just went over and over in my head our conversation with him and wondered if there was something we could have said to make him see that it’s not too hard, it’s too hard without Jesus! How did we get to this place, that we put aside what our flesh wants, for what God wants? All I can think is "by God’s grace." I just wanted to tell him, "You can’t not follow Jesus, He’ll help you if you let him, just decide and do it, persevere, your circumstances may not change, but you will!"

I know I say this a lot, but I am so thankful for the GRACE of GOD in our lives. The grace that helps us to trust, to speak into our family, and helps us overcome when we have sin in our lives. We aren’t perfect by any means, but I can’t imagine life without wanting to please God. However I got to this place, I am thankful to be here and that our children are standing on a firmer foundation than we were! I know that doesn’t bring guarantees, because many serve God without this foundation, but I again I am TRUSTING God.

Please pray for our young friend, that God will bring someone to him to water his life with God’s word and help him see that without God we have nothing. I will TRUST God will do this and manifest good things in his life.

Blessings Friends!


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Jennifer June 25, 2015 at 10:44 am

I’ll be praying for this young man. When I hear his words, I hear even more hope than for most that would let you just pray for them because at least he knows to count the costs before he commits. The words of life are falling on deep, rich soil in this man’s heart. As many continue to water and he finally does accept Christ, he’ll be a very committed man of God following wherever He may lead him.


montejosmemorials July 7, 2015 at 11:02 am

That’s encouraging! Thanks for that perspective!


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