Update: I Haven’t Crashed!

by montejosmemorials on September 8, 2015

Update: I Haven’t Crashed!

by Joyce Montejo

I can’t believe I haven’t crashed! The past few years, my body has had a struggle adapting to change because of my adrenals being depleted. When I try to go back and pinpoint that place in my life when it happened, it’s difficult, because I remember even in my teen years having fatigue and cfs/fibro symptoms. If there was a time of excess busyness or stress, I’d spend days in bed trying to recover.

A few weeks ago within a 2 week period, our son applied to SCSL, an intense leadership discipleship program, was accepted, we made all the preparations in that time and left . He was our first to leave home. wink emoticon After all of that craziness and then learning to adapt to the difference of not having him home, I was actually preparing, with my history, to crash, but I haven’t. I’m so excited! These herbal combinations are working for me incredibly, even in times of excess stress!

This is my update after 3 1/2 months. For the first part of my story, read here

As you can see from the last article, my pattern is to have a period of high stress and craziness in my life, and then a crash. This has been the pattern for many years. I have tried extensive nutrition, many different kinds of supplements, juicing, etc. The crashes still come. With us having a large family, homeschooling, I just can’t stop life, so my habit has been to go as much as I can, crash, recover, and do it all over again. Not the best method, but it’s what I’ve done.

That’s why it is so surprising that I haven’t crashed in quite a while! I also felt led to share this with you, because I am probably not the only one who leads a lifestyle this way. Don’t get me wrong, I have not been the perfect picture of energy and emotions, but I am way better than I ever was before and it is lasting longer than has ever been usual.

There was an analogy I read the other day about improving health in answer to a question someone had posted in a group forum and it is extremely applicable to those who are on the path to wellness. It made so much sense to me and I realized that my lows definitely have not been as low and I recover faster. If I am having a day with extreme fatigue, an afternoon nap will help instead of three days on the couch. Here’s what she said.

"Just wanted to add a thought. I always like to look at things from a philosophical standpoint. I like to compare healing to the stock market. Since it’s inception if you charted the stock market the general trend would be continually going up. That doesn’t mean there haven’t been dips and even crashes. Healing is a little like that. Life will always have its ups and downs but we want the general trend to be upward. Watching the trend takes time. More time than 2 weeks. Sometimes we can find our thinking off because we can feel such great things quickly from the products. In reality the products are designed for long term use to change the functioning of the body. We are not chasing symptoms as that is the medical philosophy. So look at things like – am I drinking enough water? am I getting enough sleep, have I experienced extra stresses at work or at home, has my diet been healthy food or have I been eating foods that could sabotage my efforts to get healthier? It is important to look at the whole picture and not think of herbs as a magic bullet. The body goes through cycles during healing and just because one can feel good and then feel worse again doesn’t mean the herbs are not working. Hope this helps. Also on the bright side – even the dips are not as low when your body gets healthier and you are able to recover faster from them." Denise Norbet

I am so thankful for these herbal blends and for God’s guidance to lead us to the right place at the right time. If you are having this struggle, it may be that your body is not receiving what it needs to get into balance or you haven’t given your protocol long enough to work. Only you can answer that. I’m a little partial now because I have tried so many things over the years, and I am having greater success with these herbal blends than I ever have before and for a much longer period of time. If you’d like some help evaluating where you may be in those choices, I’d be honored to help you sort it out!


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Rebecca September 14, 2015 at 9:54 pm

I have so many of your same symptoms. I have joint and muscle pain, and never feel like a get a good nights sleep. I looked at the Solle products but I have no idea where to start. How did you decide which product to take?


montejosmemorials September 15, 2015 at 6:37 am

Hey, The balancing category is a great place to start, Vital is foundational. Then also looking at your lifestyle. High stress, chronic fatigue, etc. I am going to try to email you at the listed email address. If not, please email me at joycemontejo@aol.com or connect with me http://www.facebook.com/essentialthymes and we can message and figure out where you would build from the Vital. 🙂


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