Essential Oils Simplified for Those who are Overwhelmed

by montejosmemorials on March 2, 2016

Essential Oils Simplified for Those who are Overwhelmed

by Joyce Montejo

A few years ago I started learning about all of the benefits of essential oils and grew to have quite a collection. Then I got excited and wanted to share with everyone what I had learned so they could benefit too! The biggest problem I ran into was, “It an be overwhelming!” When I’d share the benefits, interest would be piqued, but the learning curve was just too wide for many to dig in to. Over and over again, I’d have friends tell me, it’s just too confusing and there’s too much conflicting advice. 

Last May, when I started using Solle Naturals herbal drink blends, I was slow to try their essential oils. I had already made up my mind that I’d use the herbs, but probably not the oils. I already had a bag full of oils, which included one for everything that could come up, that I’d accumulated trying to keep up with an autoship from another company. When I finally did try Solle’s blends,  I was really surprised. Especially when I realized that four blends could accomplish almost everything I had been using my big bag of oils for. I basically was able to replace the big bag on the left with the small bag on the right, Solle’s four blends. I still have my big bag at home, because essential oils are one of my passions, but I almost always grab one of my four Solle blends when I need something and they are what I always grab to carry in my pocketbook. It’s amazing how many things I can take care of with them alone!

One of my favorite things is that I have quite a few friends who are learning to use these four blends, because of the simplicity! It makes me happy, because they are now making healthier choices! Our kids also always know which oil to grab, since I color coordinated our bottles with the four Solle category’s. We have a set of four roller balls, and four spray bottles. Green is Balancing, like the green plants in nature, red is for Lifting, blue is for Calming, like clear, blue waters, and yellow is Clarifying, like the sun. This is a great bag (the blue and white one in the picture above) that is tall enough for the spray bottles to fit in and close. It also has pockets to hold the bottles in place. You also need to make sure you have a good, reliable reference book. This one is my favorite.

Another great benefit is the four Solle blends have saved us a ton of money!!! When properly diluted, my four pack lasts for several months for our family of seven and we use them often!

If you have wanted to learn about essential oils, but it seems like the learning curve is way too big, start here. They’ll be all you need!

Have you stepped into the world of essential oils yet? I’d love to hear about the benefits you’ve received!
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Sandra March 6, 2016 at 12:52 pm

Thanks for sharing your post at Our Simple Homestead hop!
I tried your link (start here) but it did not work.
I like oils. But it can get overwhelming with so many options.


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