Don’t Compromise!

by montejosmemorials on October 27, 2016

I had a conversation with someone yesterday that somewhat baffled me! I know it shouldn’t have, because of the world we live in, but my top five strengths are restorative, empathy, belief, connectedness, and developer, which are all relational, these kind of conversations really get to me.

It started because he was badgering me about the election and who I would choose. I steered as far away as I could, until the subject of abortion came up. The questions began from him… what if your daughter was raped, what if you had a baby that “was special,” (my translation, not what he said), when do you really believe life begins… and so it went.

My intent is not to go in the direction of the election, because we each have to seek God for what we feel like is the choice he would have us make. I do want to touch on compromise for a moment. You see, this was a pastor I was talking to, someone who counsels others on how to make these choices. No wonder we’re so confused!

I know many say that you can’t know what you will do, if you haven’t been in a situation, but I disagree and said so to him! I believe life starts at conception, when the egg and sperm unite, I know if one of our daughters were raped, that we would not support abortion, and we did have a baby with Down Syndrome. We also lost babies that we look forward to meeting one day! We would not have traded a moment of Daniel’s life or what he brought to our family just because he wasn’t perfect and if we could take a baby to help someone who couldn’t keep it, to prevent them from aborting, we would. Some things we joust won’t compromise on.

Are these things hard? Absolutely!!! Is God still good? Without a doubt!!! Does He love you? More than you could ever imagine!

My prayer for this gentleman and all of those who are having to think about these topics is that we’ll go to God’s word for the foundation and let him speak to our hearts. Don’t compromise, God is faithful and will help you honor His Word!


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