What’s In Your Heart?

by montejosmemorials on November 19, 2016

What’s in your heart? Those things God places in your heart, from the time you are small, will never leave!

I love missions! I always have. I was the little girl, the teenager, the young adult, and now the woman that cries every time a missionary would visit church and share stories. Now I have the blessing of watching our children walking in those callings too.

I was talking with someone the other day and she was telling me that when she gets married and has children, she wants their family to take a missions trip every year together, so they learn about missions. It started me thinking after she said that about how we had planted seeds, even though at the time we weren’t trying to be intentional about it.

My husband and I met through a ministry to the local migrant camps in the summer. When our children were small, they learned to give out sodas, food, pass out clothes, etc. We’d go and he’d have one on his back, me in a carrier, and others in tow. This has carried on as they have grown and we have been blessed to be a part of lots of local missions. I have fed that fire in our children with books and tapes of missionaries and being a part of whatever kinds of outreach we were able to.

The first time we went to visit my husband’s family in Guatemala, we asked for donations and were able to buy school supplies for the school in my husband’s village. This sparked something in our children.


These were the pizzas delivered to the orphanage on the back of motorcyles in Guatemala. It was a sight to see all of those pizzas piled up and how excited the kids were when they were being delivered.


Our next trip to Guatemala, we were able to do more things. We had a Pizza Party and music at the orphanage, More Than Compassion,  and we were able to do some things in the local church and village as well. Each time God has increased what we were able to accomplish with the funds we had. I can’t wait to see what happens next time. Maybe we’ll even buy the property for the church we’ve been praying for.


This was a small group in my husband’s village, where Caleb, our oldest son and I led worship. We were blessed to see God move in incredible power!



After the small group, everyone who had been there went to this house to pray for my sister in law who was very sick. It was incredible to see the room filled with people who came to her to pray over her.


Now we have the privilege of watching our older children walk in missions. Our oldest son goes to a school that is extremely missions minded. They have local things going on, school ministries, nursing homes, disaster help, etc.,  as well as foreign trips, internships, and intense discipleship. Last year he went to Alaska and this year is going to Ethiopia. Our older children at home have been able to be a part of a local after school program as volunteers. It’s been awesome to see God open doors and opportunities for them to be a part of that has been specific to their giftings. God’s so cool to do stuff like that!

You may be thinking, “OK, this is a nice story, but what’s the point?” I am sharing these things with you to encourage you not to let go of what’s in your heart, just because it doesn’t look the way you thought it would. There may be imperfect family situations, it may look like your children aren’t walking in the direction you felt like they would, or they may not even want to have anything to do with God at all. You may feel like too much time has passed, that those things in your heart weren’t really from God, finances will never come together, my husband will never catch the vision, or thousands of other doubts. Don’t let those doubts mold you and hang on to those dreams! They may be hidden away in your heart, but they are still there. In the meantime, plant seeds in those all around you. You never know how what you can’t see will turn out.

When I was young,  I could have seen myself as a missionary living in another country. God hasn’t worked  it out quite like that yet, but He reminds me that David didn’t build the temple, his son did. I am raising part of an army that God is using in incredible ways and if you have children, grandchildren, participate in a ministry to children you are too! That’s probably more important than being the missionary, we’ve multiplied and now we can do more, wink, wink. When this season is over, I anticipate and am excited about having a more supportive role in our children’s lives to be able to come alongside of them in what God calls them to do, whatever that may look like.

I’ll be honest, that desire and passion to “go out”  is still there, that’s why I said it will never leave, but I can’t wait to see what’s still to come!!!  God’s not finished yet! How about you? What is in your heart that may need to be stirred up again?

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