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YOU CAN MAKE THE DIFFERENCE!!! I am on a mission and I need your help! It’s way too big to accomplish on my own and you can help me simply by changing how you shop. From now through February, I am donating my affiliate commissions to help fund missions trips at South Carolina School of Leadership, SCSL, for our oldest son and as many others as we can raise funds for.

It’s as simple as clicking on my Amazon or Ebay link instead of directly to Amazon or Ebay when you shop, purchase your Bath & Body products and gifts through my Pure Haven Essentials link, buy your herbs from Solle Naturals, etc. I have enclosed more information in the comments. Let’s band together and contribute as much as we can to their mission funds! Please share these links with your friends, especially the Amazon link where so many already shop anyway.

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Who doesn’t buy from Amazon? This is my affiliate link and again like all of the others, whatever I earn from any purchases made from this link, will be set aside for Caleb and other students missions funds. Please take the time to use this link as you shop! I have also put a widget in the sidebar of my blog, so if you lose this link, go to and look in the right side bar.


Solle Naturals – Member #7263

Solle Naturals is all plant based nutritional support focused on mind/body health. There is a walk through of the herbal blends, essential oils and their benefits here.

Do you want to improve your health, but it seems to hard?  Host a Healthy Happy Hour, learn about some simple, natural ways to support your body and taste some incredible herbal drinks. The profits will go toward Caleb and the other students. (This class can only be taught if you are local to me.)


 Pure Haven Essentials – Consultant #13854

Pure Haven Essentials are all nontoxic products from skincare and babycare, makeup, and essential oils,  to body and home essentials (and more), see for yourself how amazing and effective “pure” can be. It’s not just for us girls either, they have beard balm, shaving gel, etc. for the guys. They also have some awesome holiday gift packages, so you could easily do your Christmas shopping here. Make sure to click on “Shop our Catalog” to see the holiday specials. If you love Bath and Body soaps and scrubs, you’ll be in heaven with these, because they smell great, minus the harmful chemicals. If you haven’t dove into learning about how toxins effect us on a daily basis, this is a fun, learning experience and a great chance to earn free products. If you are local, host a class, earn some freebies, and the profits will go towards missions. We can also do this on FB or you can do a catalog party, where orders are taken from the catalog.


Be Young Total Health – Sharing Partner #12610

Natural and whole food supplements, antioxidant drinks, essential oils, and a few natural bodycare products.

Amrita Aromatherapy

Amrita Aromatherapy has been offering high-quality, organic essential oils and personal care products since 1989.

Having developed a worldwide network of essential oil producers, Amrita is always able to select the finest oil from a number of available sources including small family farms.



Tax deductible donations can be made at this link and designated for Caleb Montejo, your students name, or general missions fund. Along with the student’s name, please be sure to designate it’s for missions.,

Checks may be mailed to Christian Life, 2700 Bush River Road, Columbia, SC 29210, with the name of student and designated for missions fund.

A GoFundMe link is set up too, but is not tax deductible and they take out a fee.

*I have been passionate about natural methods of healthcare since our children were small and they have been helpful in keeping our family healthy. I am affiliated with these companies, because we have received benefits and I feel good to share what has worked well for us.  I am in the process of working on my aromatherapy certification and have lots of close friends who work in the field of natural healing. If I can help you decide what are your best choices, please feel free to message me. Solle Naturals and Pure Haven Essentials both have a great host or hostess incentive for those who are local, who would like to host a workshop or party. For those who are not local, we can do something similar through FB or a webinar. You can earn freebies, help support Caleb and other students at SCSL, and benefit from some great products. If you a parent of an SCSL student and would like to host a party with your friends, either, local, FB, or catalog, we can designate the profits for your student and I will donate everything earned from that party to their personal missions or tuition fund.



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